Winter Camp

Break out of the February gloom and join us for fantastic fun with puppets and art! At this theater arts camp, children will explore characters, images and themes, improvise and create puppets for a performance based on the stories that unfold.

Circus Camp

Open Hand Theater’s popular Theater Arts Circus Camp for students ages 7-13 is a mixture of creativity, giant puppets, physical activities and performance arts. This year's theme is: Wizards, Witches and Magical Creatures!



Hand in Hand is for grades 3-6 and will build off of the skills students bring with them and learn from the program. This year, students will get to perform as puppeteers, house and tech crew for two World of Puppets programs.

Mini Hand-in-Hand

Mini Hand in Hand is for grades K-2 and is an introductory program. Throughout the program kids will participate in improv games, explore the different types of puppetry and various aspects of performing.


In Class Workshops

Open Hand Theater designs creative arts education projects that integrate performance, music, puppetry and visual arts into classroom studies. As working artists and performers we focus on the character, the story, the tune and the little details that make learning relevant to children.

Traveling Theater

Open Hand Theater brings great performances and innovative educational workshops to schools, community events, and festivals. Performances are targeted to specific grade levels, curriculum areas and learning standards.